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Naga Eyes (or "Naga Diamonds") are considered to have many paranormal powers, among which the protection of their carrier from any peril of water, and to increase tenfold one's acquisition of extraordinary powers, and greatly to facilitate the development of the strengths one already has!


In the Thai Buddhist tradition, Nagas are water spirits, guardians of treasures vast and mysterious. They are most often depicted in the form of huge serpents have sometimes five or seven heads. The Thais believe that even today one can find Nagas in the depths of the Mekhong.


Naga eyes are sometimes discovered by certain Buddhist masters residing unsmelted in a rare species of geode - "magic" - found in caves in northern Thailand and Laos. These geodes, can be found only by designated ones who have achieved a high spiritual level, and that only after a long ceremony which entails the lighting of a sacred fire to "fire" the geodes in sacred flames, thus rendering them into a liquid form from which naga eyes may be created.